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Master the globally recognized management skills from top MBA colleges in the world

Enhance your knowledge to build a global outlook from one of the best B schools in the world

Training by a team of industry experts & experience-rich faculty from the best MBA colleges in the world

Spend an entire year at one of the top B schools in the world

Get a 3-year internship in one of the top MNCs to build experience

International placements for the top global placement opportunities

Our Global Association

Pune Institute of Business Management is proud to launch its Global MBA program, the Joint Degree Program. We have a panel of top MBA colleges in the world associated with us which helps this partnership enable us to offer advanced Global MBA Programs for the potential international MBA aspirants. Combining the best of both the locations, national & international corporate resources, international business exposure, advanced industry-oriented training and more makes our Global MBA program prepare the students for the top career opportunities.

Lawrence Technological University

Lawrence Technological University (LTU) is a beacon of innovation, founded in 1932 with support from Henry and Edsel Ford. Today, LTU continues its legacy of shaping the future by blending theory with practice to develop innovative leaders. With a mission to foster agile thinkers through student-centric learning and applied research, LTU aims to be a global leader in STEM and Design education. Grounded in values of integrity, teamwork, and student-focused care, LTU is dedicated to cultivating lifelong learners and leaders.

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Bridgeport University

At the University of Bridgeport (UB), the mission is to champion academic excellence, personal responsibility, and a dedication to service. With a focus on preparing students for success in an interconnected world, UB offers distinctive curricula in a culturally diverse environment. Founded in 1927, UB boasts a vibrant campus where students from over 80 countries come together to pursue career-oriented degree programs. Rooted in a commitment to innovation and career readiness, UB continues to foster an environment where students thrive and connect education to real-world success.

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Skyline University

Skyline University College (SUC) aspires to be a globally renowned institution fostering creativity, innovation, and cultural integration to shape a knowledge-based society. SUC’s mission is to impart knowledge, cultivate professional skills in Business, Science & Technology, and instill values in students from diverse backgrounds to serve society effectively. The institutional goal is to uphold ethical practices and prepare responsible individuals for societal advancement, ensuring a safe and inclusive learning environment for all.

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UBI Business School

UBI Business School, established in 1992 in Brussels, offers top-quality British business programmes with a focus on Business & Tech, Global Mindset, and Good Citizenship. In partnership with Middlesex University London (UK) since 2012, UBI has earned prestigious rankings and a 5-star rating in the QS system. The mission is to provide internationally oriented business education, promote lifelong learning and leadership, and contribute to global development in an immersive and excellent learning environment.

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Gatton College of Business University of Kentucky

Gatton College of Business at the University of Kentucky prepares graduates for global competitiveness with integrity. Through teaching and research, Gatton drives economic growth and impacts lives locally and globally. With a legacy of nearly a century, Gatton offers hands-on experience, innovative programs, and industry insights. Exclusive opportunities include study abroad and honors programs. Gatton provides comprehensive career services and academic support. Prospective students are invited to visit the campus and experience Gatton firsthand.

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Swiss Business School University of Applied Sciences

Swiss Business School (SBS) offers specialized programs in International Management, Finance, and Marketing, preparing students for global careers. With strong corporate connections, convenient programs taught in English, and top accreditations, SBS ensures students receive a high-quality education that aligns with industry standards. SBS's diverse student body and international focus provide students with valuable cross-cultural experiences, preparing them to excel in the global business landscape.

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Moscow State University Business School

Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School (MSUBS) was founded in 2001 to train future business leaders to address today's business challenges while fostering dedication to society and value creation. Under the leadership of Academician Viktor A. Sadovnichy, MSUBS integrates classical university education with modern methodologies. Recognized globally, MSUBS ranks among the top 100 business schools worldwide and is esteemed for its international influence. Committed to fostering mutual respect and collaboration, MSUBS provides a supportive environment for students, faculty, and industry partners alike.

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PSB Academy

Established in 1964, PSB Academy is a leading private education institution in Singapore, dedicated to shaping the future as "Asia's Future Academy." With a focus on performance in the New Economy, PSB offers quality education to over 16,000 students annually from 50+ nationalities. Its recently launched STEM Wing at the City Campus underscores its commitment to innovation and industry relevance. With a vision to nurture global talents and a mission to deliver accessible quality education, PSB Academy stands out for its forward-thinking approach and passion for excellence.

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Kenya Methodist University

Established in 1987 and chartered in 2006, Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) is a leading Christian chartered private university in Kenya. With campuses in Meru, Nairobi, Mombasa, and Nakuru, KeMU offers diverse academic programs across four schools: Business and Economics, Medicine and Health Sciences, Education and Social Sciences, and Science and Technology. Committed to excellence in scholarship and service, KeMU provides market-driven courses, industry connections, and opportunities for career growth.

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Uniglobe College

Established in 2009, Uniglobe College in Kathmandu offers BBA, BBA-BI, MBA-Finance, and MBA programs affiliated with Pokhara University. Committed to academic excellence, it aims to nurture managers, entrepreneurs, and market leaders through innovative programs, fostering creativity, networking, and leadership qualities while addressing unemployment. With a vision to become a globally recognized institution, Uniglobe College strives for excellence in research, management, and economics.

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Imperial Institute of Higher Education

Established in October 1996, IIHE has produced over 4000 skilled graduates for both private and government sectors in its 27-year history. With a globally focused curriculum and industry-expert faculty, IIHE prioritizes practical learning over memory-based exams, providing transformative experiences for the students. This unique approach sets IIHE apart in education.

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The Pennsylvania State University

Established in 1855 as an agricultural college, Penn State has grown into a leading public research university with a strong commitment to education, research, and public service. Designated as Pennsylvania's sole land-grant institution in 1863, Penn State now operates as one of the state's four "state-related" universities, receiving significant state support. With its main campus in University Park and twenty-three additional locations statewide, Penn State offers diverse educational programs and conducts collaborative research to advance knowledge and serve communities globally.

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Alliant International University

Welcome to Alliant International University, where students pursue advanced degrees under recognized leaders, preparing for impactful careers. With a commitment to service and leadership, Alliant promotes diversity and inclusivity, fostering a culture of purpose and impact. Through a unique blend of theory and practice, students gain practical skills and contribute to meaningful community projects. Join Alliant and explore a transformative education driven by purpose and excellence.

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About PIBM Global

PIBM Global takes pride in its extensive network of partnerships with 13 esteemed universities across 9 countries. These collaborations open doors to a world of opportunities for students, offering them the chance to engage in international exchange programs, joint research initiatives, and cultural immersion experiences.

Through these tie-ups, PIBM Global ensures that students gain a truly global perspective, enhancing their understanding of diverse business environments and fostering cross-cultural competencies essential for success in today's interconnected world. Whether it's studying abroad, participating in collaborative projects, or accessing resources from partner institutions, PIBM Global's global alliances enrich the educational journey and empower students to thrive in the global marketplace.

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Glimpses of our Collaborations

The MoU signing moments in collaboration with foreign universities underscore our commitment to fostering international collaborations and creating opportunities for students to engage with diverse academic environments. These MoU signings pave the way for collaborative research, student exchange programs, and a shared commitment to global education standards, reinforcing our position as a forward-thinking institution dedicated to providing students with a world-class education.

PIBM signing MoU with University of Bridgeport (Bridgeport, USA)

PIBM signing MoU with Swiss Business School (Zurich, Switzerland)

PIBM signing MoU with Skyline University (Sharjah, UAE)

PIBM signing MoU with Kenya Methodist University (Kenya, Africa)